Department of Physics : Morigaon College


The department of Physics was established in 1985 with Mr D. Sarma as the founder Head. The major course was started in 1999 and since then Department has been contributing a lot towards physics education, not only in Morigaon district, but also in the central Assam. This department has a rich history with regard to results and has produced many successful alumni. Department has four permanent Professors along with one guest Faculty. Students of this department are seen to pursue their higher studies in institutions like IITs, State and Central universities etc. With the proper guidelines of this Department many students have cleared national level examinations. 

The department consists of a staff room, five laboratories (with a dark room) and two class rooms. A digital classroom with computer lab. facility is also available, which improves the quality of teaching and learning process. 


With the commencement of the science stream at Morigaon College, the Department of Physics was established in the year 1985 under the leadership of Prof. D. Sarma. The department started offering Major courses in Physics, under the affiliation of Gauhati University, in 1999. In the year 1996, the science stream got a deficit in the grant from the government of Assam. Mrs Kabita Sarmah joined as Head of the department in 1996 till 2011. Following the HOD rotation policy by UGC, the Headship shifted to Mr Pallab Ch. Goswami, Mr Babul Talukdar and N.I. Ali Ahmed, respectively for the period of 2011-15, 2015-19, 2019-2022. Again, in March 2022, Mrs Kobita Sarmah became the Head of the Department. Dr Hemanga Jyoti Sarmah Joined the Department in August 2021 against the vacant post after the retirement of Mr Goswami in September 2020.


* To produce human resources with advance knoweldge in Physics

* To create skill learners for development of the society


Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya (From the unreal lead us to the real; from darkness lead us in to light; from death lead us to immortality)


Building up an environment in the Physics education as well as scientific tempartment among the student community along with the nearby society.

Our department encourages the learning of curriculum, developing methodology of physics education.


To work for the growth of the science culture in the society by creating a scientific awareness among the people and by working to meet the scientific requirements of the same. In addition, our mission is to prepare graduate with degree of efficiency, as well as a good human being.


* To make Physics interesting among the students

* To develop a scientific thinking among the students

* To produce skilled people 

Courses Offered

B.Sc Physics Honours

B.Sc Physics Generic

Higher Secondary Physics

Add on (Certificate) courses 

* Repairing of household electrical Appliances

* Vedic Astrology from astrophysical point of view

* Basic carpentary

Resources of the Department

The department consists of a staff room, five laboratories (with a dark room) and two class rooms. A digital classroom facility is also available, which improves the quality of teaching and learning process. The Department has well-equipped laboratory facility. The Solid State Physics, Electronics, Optics and Thermal Physics Laboratory are welll organized. Apart from them, Department has a computational Laboratory. As of now, the department has a mini Library, which is a collection of 525 books. Books are issued on regular basis.


* Regular interaction with the students, for thier all round development.

* Co-operative faculty members

* Field study

* Mentoring to each student (In addition, we provide economic support to the needed students)

* Skill development.


* Inadequate number of teachers.

* Lack of sufficient number of laboratory assistants.

* The laboratories are comparatively smaller in size.


* Saturday Talk: A platform for discussion on Physics

* Scope for development of both theoretical and practical knowledge in Physics

* Scope for interdisciplinary projects.

* Scope for improvement of digital literacy amongst the students. (Google Classroom)

For digital learning:


* Due to its regoreous mathematical analysis, only few student attracts towards the subject.

* As the majority of students come from vernacular medium, we have to translate for the ice-breakingh period (Time Consuming).


Activities of the Department

* Health Awareness Program

* Awareness toward green energy

* Motivation to use solar enegy

* National science day observation

* JAM preparatory session

* Quiz Competition 

* Saturday student seminar

* Industrial Academica interaction (Online: Google meet)

Awards of the Department

* Certificate of appreciation to Mr Babul Talukdar and Mr N.I. Ali Ahmed, Associate Professors, Physics, (Conducting Assembly election 2021) from Deputy Commissoner, Morigaon District  2021

* 2nd Prize in Wall Magazine Competition, 2022 (College Week)
* 2nd Prize in Wall Magazine Competition, 2023 (College Week)
* 3rd Prize in Cultural Rally Competition, 2023 (College Week)

* 1st Prize in Borgeet (Bikash Raja) in College week 2023

* 1st Prize in Instrumental (Bikash raja) in College week 2023

Publication of the Department

Research Publication

Sarmah, H.J., Mohanta, D. and Saha, A., 2023. Prominent exciton emission dynamics and charged exciton (trion)-phonon coupling aspects in γ-irradiated WSe2 nanosheets. Journal of Nanoparticle Research25(2), p.29.


Departmental Publication

* Wall Magazine:  “SPECTRUM

* Half-Yearly students’ magazine:  “HORIZON

Achievements of the Department

03 students cleared JAM (Last three years)

An ample number of students got oppurtunities to higher education

Future Plan of the Department

* Our department is planning to open PG courses in near future.

* The department will increase the strength of the Departmental library.

* Our department will create an authorized Departmental Fund by the contribution of the faculty members

* The department will initiative to conduct national/international seminars in near future.

Best Practices

* Active learning

* The department of physics organizes a popular talk on the occasion of National Science Day in every year.

* Department organizes Saturday Talk (Blended mode) on every week.

* Cleaning drive is taken by the students of our Department in each Saturday along with their faculty members.

* We have adopted a nearby Government School (Class X students)